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  • Chania Rent a CarGolden beach is a beautiful sandy beach, really close to the town of Chania, next to the beach of Agioi Apostoloi. The beach is very popular among the residents of Chania as it is very close to the city center, while the water is so clean, that the beach is awarded with Blue Flag!

    It was named “golden” because of the golden sand that gives a unique beauty, and the beach is ideal for relaxing and pleasant swim, as it is not easily influenced by winds. The geographical position of the beach, offers a natural protection from strong winds and waves.

  • chania rent a carVamos belongs in Chania prefecture, on a beautiful hillside with an altitude of 190 meters. The village is located 25 km away from the city of Chania , 40 km from Chania Airport and 20 km from the port of Chania. The foothills of the White Mountains are a breath away from the village , while the blue sea stretches underneath the village of Vamos.

  • chania rent a carLocated approximately 7 kilometers west of the town of Chania, Stalos is a very popular village with a great beach. The amazing beach of Stalos is the main reason of the popularity of the destination, not only for Greek tourists, but for tourists from all around the world!

    The services at the beach, are of high quality and are really close Chania town. The village of Stalos, is between the village of Kalamaki and the village of Agia Marina. The whole area is touristic developed and attracts large numbers of visitors every summer.

  • chania rent a carGramvousa might sound like one place to visit, but actually there are two small islands that are called Gramvousa! Located at the northwest part of Chania prefecture, the two islands are both beautiful and absolutely different. The one named Imeri Gramvousa, has a beautiful Venetian castle, built in 1584 to protect the natural harbor that is formed there.

    You will be able to visit the castle, the small church of Saint Paul where you will find a beautiful beach to rest and have a lunch break at the restaurant that you will find there! The castle had three walls and a natural fortification at he north side, from the inaccessible cliffs. Today, only a small part of the castle survives.

  • chania rent a carThe ancient city of Cydonia, is located in the modern town of Chania, in the northwest part of Crete. It is believed that Cydonia was one of the three cities that king Minos found, establishing the Minoan civilization in Crete, but later was conquered by the Mycenaean civilization. In mythology the city was found by king Cydon, son of god Hermes and the daughter of Minos. The word cydon in ancient Greek means glory!

    The excavations in the city started in 1966 and is still being excavated, with interesting findings, especially on the hill of Castelli. You can see many findings in the Archaeological museum of Chania where they are exhibited. Cydonia is considered one of the most important monuments of prehistoric period in Crete, and also one the most important archaeological sites in Crete.

  • chania car rentalSamaria Gorge is located in the White Mountain's National Park, at an altitude of about 1,200 meters. It belongs to the regional unit of Chania, southwest Crete, and offers protection to more than 400 species of animals and plants, many of them endemic of Crete!

    The gorge of Samaria, is the second longest in Europe, with a total length of 16 kilometers and a width that is 150 meters at the widest point and only 3 meters at the narrowest. It's a beautiful and “must” place to visit if you travel to Crete and especially Chania. The walk through Samaria National Park, is 13 kilometers and about 6 to 8 hours until you reach the end of the gorge. But if you want to see the shores of the Libyan sea, and the village of Agia Roumeli you need to walk 3 kilometers more.

  • chania rent a carLissos is the second most important and interesting archaeological site in Crete, placed in a beautiful location about 70 km from the city of Chania. The ruins of the city are preserved between Paleochora and Sougia, with a large number of sculptures that were found by archaeologists. Among the sculptures, were found the famous statues of Asklepios, Hygeia and Pluto.

    In ancient times, Lissos was a harbour of the city of Elyros, a city that flourished in the Hellenistic, Roman and first Byzantine periods. Lissos was know for the famous temple of Asklepios, and its local healing waters. These same waters, still flow freely in the area of ancient Lissos, and from the ruins of the temple you can still see the well preserved beautiful mosaic!

  • chania rent a carThe Monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity in English) is one of the most impressive monasteries you will see in Crete and is located in Akrotiri peninsula in Chania, 15 kilometers north of the city of Chania. The road to the monastery is easy, with many signs guiding you. The route is pleasant, with wonderful scenery, while the final straight to the monastery, is surrounded by impressive cypress trees.

    The Holy Trinity Monastery is one of the most important monasteries in Crete, both for its architecture as for its impact and contribution to the education of the citizens of the island. It is really worth a visit. It boasts a facade with Doric columns and Renaissance elements.

  • chania rent a carKournas lake, is located 49 kilometers far from the town of Chania, and is the only natural lake in Crete with fresh water. It is considered a protected area, as it gives shelter to many species of rare birds, and a rare species of turtle. At the lake also exist water snakes and eels.

    The size of lake Kourna is about 579 acres and the deepest point reaches 22 meters while the landscape in which the lake was created is magnificent, between the hills. There are two natural sources, while the lake is fed by the waters that descend from the surrounding hills. There are two natural springs, while the lake is also supplied by the waters that descend from the hills and the surrounding mountains.

  • chania rent a carKalives is a beautiful village with an amazing beach! Kalives village is located in the gulf of Souda, approximately 20 kilometers east of Chania town. The beach of Kalives is considered one of the best in the area along with the beaches in Almyrida and Plaka.

    Kalives is a fishing village near the highway from Chania to Rethymno and it is built along the beach of Kalives. Because of its important location in the entrance of the bay of Souda and its fertile lands Kalives where inhabited since the Minoan times.

  • chania rent a carAgia Roumeli is located in the region of Sfakia in Chania prefecture, between the towns of Paleochora and Chora Sfakion. Agia Roumeli is mostly known because of the gorge of Samaria.

    Agia Roumeli became known as the famous Samaria gorge ends in there. Thousands of visitors come every year to Samaria to admire its unique beauty. The area has also beautiful beaches with clear waters and unique natural scenery, some of the beaches require a boat to reach them.

  • chania car rentalMarathi beach Chania is an ideal organized beach for sunbathing and water sports!

    Marathi is a vibrant beach and very popular! It is located about 16 kilometers away from the town of Chania and is divided into two beaches, which, because of its location, are never windy! The taverns and cafes by the sea have wonderful views of the opposite coasts and the White Mountains of Chania!

  • chania rent a carGavdos is a beautiful small island located south of Chania prefecture, it is approximately 25 nautical miles off the south coast of Crete in the Libyan sea. Gavdos is also the southest point of Greece.

    Gavdos island has only a few permanent residents but during the summer it attracts a lot of tourists. Most of the tourists are campers due to the limited touristic services that the island provides.

  • rent a car chaniaKalathas is located west of the Akrotiri peninsula, about 11 kilometers north east of Chania town. It is a beautiful beach and crowded, as the road is much more passable than in other beaches and is a short ride from the town of Chania.

    The beach is wide and sandy, and you will easily find shade because it is full of trees! The waters of Kalathas are crystal clear, with only disadvantage the wind because of its location, which can be an advantage if you are fond of play in the waves, and water sports like wind surfing!

  • chania rent a carSougia is beautiful small village, about 70 kilometers south of Chania town. Its built along the seaside, at the exit of the gorge Agia Irini, a beautiful place for hiking.

    The village is small and ideal for relaxing vacations next to the sea. The main road, which separates the beach from the village, ends up at a small port. From there you can take the boat that leads you to the gorgeous island Gavdos. In the main road, you will see more people walking, than cars passing by, making you feel safe and relaxed!

  • sfakia rent a carSfakia is a beautiful area with wild landscape, southwest of Chania town. The uniqueness of the landscape is due to the steep canyons and ravines that characterize the entire area. Due to its geographical position and the valence of local residents, Sfakia was not enslaved during the Turkish occupation and it appears from the original architecture and culture that the area still keeps alive. For many, Sfakia is the most authentic region of Crete!

    In Sfakia you will not find mass tourism, making it ideal for quiet vacations in clean beaches with beautiful sceneries. Hotels and restaurants can be found mainly near the port of Sfakia.

  • chania car rentalThe famous beach of the village Falasarna, is situated 58 kilometers west of Chania town. Characteristic of the beach, its turquoise waters. Falasarna beach has been awarded as the most beautiful beach of Crete and is always included in the top 10 beaches in Europe, with beautiful white sand and warm, crystal clear waters.

    The beach of Falasarna, known as Pachia Ammos, is so large, the you will hardly find it overcrowded, even during the summer high season, when hundreds of people come to enjoy the beauty of this beach. If you like walking along the seaside, you will have the opportunity to admire the remains of the ancient Falasarna and the ruins of the ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo.

  • georgioupolis chania rent a carGeorgioupolis is located approximately 38 km southeast of Chania, in West Crete. Georgioupolis is built in a green landscape with a large beach. Just before the town of Georgioupolis, a little lake is formed, by the river Almyros which passes through the town.

    Georgioupolis is a popular tourist destination, about 20 minutes from the town of Chania and 50 kilometers from Chania airport. It’s a village with many restaurants and shops in the narrow, picturesque streets. The amenities are really good for every kind of visitor, groups of friends, families and couples, having an interesting nightlife for every taste, many restaurants and taverns and touristic shops.

  • palaiochora rent a carPaleochora Chania is a coastal town located on the south west coast of Crete in a distance of approximately 70 kilometers from Chania town. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays at the Libyan Sea.

    Paleochora has the natural advantage of being situated between two bays, the eastern and the western. The small peninsula on which it is located, starts from the surrounding mountains. These mountains have a special beauty and enrich the natural landscape.

  • chania rent a carThe Chania town modern part is where most local population resides. Of course it is far less traditional in comparison with the old town but very beautiful and interesting.

    Some historical places in the modern town of Chania are the house of Eleftherios Venizelos, the Church of Agia Magdalini, the Church of Evangelistria, the old French school and the house of Prince George which was built during the period of the Cretan independence.

    Except those historical buildings there are some interesting districts in the modern town of Chania such as the district of Halepa and the district of Koum Kapi.

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